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Bradley Efron

“Statistics is the science of learning from experience.”

When it comes to digital search engine marketing (SEM), there are so many acronyms out there infesting the Internet. It is so hard to keep up with them all, let alone constantly adapt to the ever-changing strategies from every blog post, forum roast or video host.

Not only are you forced to keep up with market trends (with the best software to track it) and the newest social media platform optimization (SMO), but you also have to keep up with every industry compliance change or chance watching your hard work sink. Fast.

Luckily, it is our job to keep up with the acronyms, the market trends and the industry compliance changes so you don’t have to.  We use our experience to generate results through hard work and research not statistical slide-of-hand.

It is also very important to note why the search engine optimization (SEO) landscape has so many adorably named major updates.  The sinister culprit is the beratement of bots and inexperienced “specialists” out there that claim to get results through shortcuts, automation and keyword stuffing.  I guarantee you didn’t build your business on those. Either did we.   

If you are thinking about moving forward with our business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) online marketing services you will get our experience at your disposal. Our SEM, SEO and SMO strategies are proven by results and built through effort and commitment.

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